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Announcement   Auto, moto.

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№8650 / 24.05.2016 / Russia Complain of the announcement
TD Promsnabbit produces the supply of electronic components for the manufacture of electronic devices and for repair of household appliances and industrial electronics (integrated circuits, diodes, transistors, led equipment and so on. p. ) and electrical equipment. In addition to electronic components, we also offer a large inventory of specialized tools, instruments and equipment for installation, repair and adjustment of electronic equipment: soldering stations, oscilloscopes, testers, systems, Instrumentation, hand tools and accessories. Also
Address: the Chelyabinsk region, g. Miass, str. Poletaeva, d 7, of. 1

№9062 / 26.10.2015 / Russia Complain of the announcement
"Marketing Agency "Rome" provides professional services for the development, design and manufacture signs, posters, sendoa, banners and any other types of advertising and information structures. the
Address: ul. Morozov, 45

№10268 / 2.05.2015 / Lviv Complain of the announcement
Sorted second-hand
the Sorted second-hand firms VIVE, SOEX, TEX TRADE is always available
more than 200 species. Direct import, low prices. Delivery in Ukraine. Vinnitsa.

Address: Vinnitsa
tel. +380674307955

№10371 / 2.04.2015 / Russia Complain of the announcement
Our company has 12 years of experience in the sale of lumber. the
Address: street of Admiral Kornilov, TE-15
tel. +7(499)3752773

№10389 / 26.03.2015 / Russia Complain of the announcement
Online store Guard offers wholesale and retail elektroshoker, pepper sprays, handcuffs, laser pointers. Delivery of tasers in Moscow within 24 hours, Russia mail delivery or Transport company. The shockers wholesale from 10 pieces, the price of 500 rubles. Price list available on request to your email. In the presence of more than 100 models of stun guns.
Phone 7-911-180-73-70 courier delivery of gas canisters and handcuffs in Moscow and the Moscow region. Payment to the courier on the spot. Warranty. the
Address: ul. Forest 65
tel. +7(911)1807370

№10246 / 19.03.2015 / Lviv Complain of the announcement
TMPS - control system tire pressure of any vehicle.

control System tire pressure (TPMS, Tires Pressure Monitoring System) is designed to warn about hazardous pressure change in the tires. This system can be installed on any type of car. The TPMS system installed on cars since 2000.
there are two types of monitoring systems tire pressure: indirect and direct measurement of pressure. The most simple from the point of view of the structure is the system of indirect pressure measurement, which represents an extended software
Address: Horodotska, 8
tel. +380503375110

№10412 / 17.03.2015 / Russia Complain of the announcement
Emergency sanitation: cleaning, pumping, repair. Routine and emergency maintenance of sewage treatment facilities. Cleaning of clogged pipes indoor and outdoor sanitation. Integrated hydrodynamic cleaning of pipes. the
Address: Peaceful 867-7
tel. +7(964)5062823

№10394 / 11.03.2015 / Russia Complain of the announcement
For experienced hikers, it is no secret that in the Duty Free shops in Moscow beverages, perfumes and other goods are not only much cheaper. The quality of the products available in retail outlets Duty Free at Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo or Vnukovo, much higher than in the city. Deliveries are made direct from the manufacturer, with original factories, located on the territory of European States, and in the Duty Free often comes not just elitist and exclusive goods bought by frequent tourists who are familiar with PR
Address: Zelenograd, korp. 834"A" office # 3
tel. +7(926)2307085

№10359 / 8.03.2015 / Russia Complain of the announcement
Dog training Butovo
dog training center VOCATIONAL TRAINING "Argus" Club service dog Leninsky district (DOSAAF) M. O. g. Prominent. GST (Group for owners of puppies from 4 to 8 months. ), OKD, ZKS, IPO, Search and rescue service. Applied training: home security system, protection of the host.
On site and individually with departure.

Address: Moscow
tel. +7(495)7245745

№10224 / 4.03.2015 / Kyiv Complain of the announcement
Sell Stingray 4 Summer sport 9000 Dunlop 235 60Z R16 Japan Almost new. In Kiev 1,500 USD for 1 Stingray
Address: Troyeshchina
tel. +38(050)3225153

№10225 / 28.02.2015 / Kyiv Complain of the announcement
Sell Stingray 4 Summer sport 9000 Dunlop 235 60Z R16 Japan Almost new. Ran a maximum of 1000 km. in
Kiev to 2000 UAH for 1 Stingray
Address: Troyeshchina
tel. +38(050)3225153

№11692 / 25.02.2015 / the Volinska area Complain of the announcement
Терміново куплю двохосьовий причіп. Розгляну різні варіанти.
Адреса: Kewmr
tel. 0673320334

№10270 / 20.02.2015 / Kirovograd region Complain of the announcement
Motor speed 10. 0109. 000 to excavator ATEK 4321. the stroke motor - radial piston, vysokovoltniy. For its shape was nicknamed "star". Also produce custom motors prawnego, reverse and hydraulic swing ATEK 4321, 881, 761. Repair of motors running, the rotation ATEK (ATEK). the
Address: PR. Baltic 5
tel. +380676188845

№10192 / 19.02.2015 / Kyiv Complain of the announcement
Sell multirace, photo collages, unique gifts. the
Address: vul. Vasylkivska
tel. (097)273-95-41, (063)612-76-10

№10227 / 12.02.2015 / Lviv Complain of the announcement
Take rent a car diesel or gas-petrol for long term up to 200 hryvnia per day. Honesty and timely payment guarantee. the
Address: km. Lviv
tel. +38(063)-90-90-530

№10522 / 30.01.2015 / the Volinska area Complain of the announcement
Offer services to autophone any vehicles from Europe. the
Address: km. Lutsk
tel. 0506741345

№9476 / 19.01.2015 / Russia Complain of the announcement
What do we know about Japan? Country economic miracle, beautiful blossoms, faithfulness to tradition and great drinks. Deeply mistaken are those who think that Japan is limited to sake. Unchanged in all the drinks is only of the highest quality and use only natural raw materials. Japanese drinks brand Nikka are the most common of blended drinks all products Nikka. An optimal ratio of price and quality, this brand has a large share of the Japanese market. A distinctive feature of Nikka is
Address: str. Garden 122
tel. +7(985)2000004

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Newspaper & Board of announcements | Announcement -  Auto, moto. (pg.1)  
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