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№11906 / 1.07.2016 / the Volinska area Complain of the announcement
Фірма «Лучеськ Великий» надає послуги з буріння свердловин на воду глибиною до 70 м.
При бурінні свердловин використовуємо обсадні труби відповідно до стандартів для питної води діаметром 125 мм.
Завдяки малим габаритам бурової установки буримо в важкодоступних місцях.
Де немає електромережі використовуємо генератор.
Буримо у любому місці де покаже замовник , так як вода є скрізь. Воду шукаємо у крейді (камні).
Труби , насос та інші матеріали можуть бути наші або замовника.
Гарантуємо якість роботи та матеріалів.
Адреса: Луцьк
tel. (066) 916-65-57, (098) 046-58-71, (093) 156-16-27

№11863 / 16.06.2016 / Kyiv Complain of the announcement
Отож , після служби в церкві , 19 червня 2016 року о 12-00 всі охочі зможуть прийти , взяти клечання (гілочки клена , берези , липи) та нарвати зілля , що росте довкруг озера Красавиця і спільно з та дівчатами-козачками заклечати та притрусити долівки хат Коваля та Гончара на «Мамаєвій Слободі» отим духмяним клечанням та зіллям татариння…
Адреса: вул. Михайла Донця,2
tel. (044) 361 98 48

№11864 / 16.06.2016 / Kyiv Complain of the announcement
Козацьке селище «Мамаєва Слобода» запрошує Вас 18 червня 2016 року на 12-00 на відтворення обряду «Встановлення віхи». «Віху» , напередодні свята Трійці , будуть встановлювати дівчата-козачки та козаки «Мамаєвої Слободи». Обряд встановлення «Віхи» відбуватиметься на березі озера Красавиця , з якого бере початок легендарна річка Либідь.
Адреса: вул. Михайла Донця,2
tel. (044) 361 98 48

№1331 / 29.04.2016 / Zhovkivskiy district Complain of the announcement
Ensure the protection of offices, enterprises, banks, shops and other facilities. Connecting console guarding, you won't have to worry about security. Now security will provide us! Our specialists will inspect the property and will offer the best option for protection. Each client we provide individual approach to solving the problem of protection.
hardware Installation takes only one day, at a convenient time for you.
You can also use a permanent system of discounts (bonuses, promotions). Call.
Address: Iskra 3, office 77
tel. 067 487 78 76

№3719 / 29.04.2016 / Zhovkivskiy district Complain of the announcement
The quality of the service, the security company"Atlant" is confirmed by ISO 9001:2009 (ISO 9001:2008). Continual service improvement one of the main objectives of the quality management system ISO 9001 and our company! A full range of services related to the design, approval, budgeting, installation, servicing of security and fire signaling, systems of videosupervision, systems of automatic fire fighting systems, access control systems, protection of property legal and physical persons with the help of technical means of security (private security)
Address: Iskra 3, office 77
tel. 067 487 78 76 044 222 77 55

№3966 / 29.04.2016 / Zhovkivskiy district Complain of the announcement
You want to buy or install an intercom system in the apartment or staircase? You have got to address.
Company Atlanta, specializiruetsya on the provision of services related to safety and security including selling (installation) security systems such as intercoms, electro mechanical and magnetic locks and latches, their maintenance and if necessary repair.
Our experts in the shortest time examined object (place of installation) of the system, and will offer the best option. Services offered:
Design, sale, installation and maintenance system
Address: Iskra 3, office 77
tel. 067 487 78 76 044 222 77 55

№9866 / 30.03.2016 / Kyiv Complain of the announcement
The establishment of the facts of birth and death for persons from the ATO area within 1 day. Collection and submission of the required documents to the court. Assistance in obtaining the status of participant of hostilities. Advice.
Address: 01034, g. Kiev, ul. Reitarska 18
tel. +38-0-666-88-444-8

№11884 / 10.03.2016 / Kyiv Complain of the announcement

tel. (050) 381-40-08

№11822 / 23.02.2016 / Kyiv Complain of the announcement

tel. (044) 237-75-78 (066) 189-19-39

№11862 / 7.02.2016 / Kyiv Complain of the announcement

tel. (044) 360-10-33,(067) 741-11-33

№10080 / 3.02.2016 / Kyiv Complain of the announcement
Construction company Stroy-Garant performs the construction of houses, cottages and pouring foundations in Kiev and Kiev region.
Core services:
1. A house from bricks, aerated concrete, ceramic blocks. From design to commissioning
tel. (044) 232 32 05, (067) 502 05 49

№10567 / 3.02.2016 / Zolochiv Complain of the announcement
Orthodox, decent athletic couple from Ukraine. without bad habits, no problems with patent, wants to move to work in a family or a country house in Russia.
Experience in a family of three, care home, elderly couple.
Conscientious attitude to work, quality performance of duties, kind, honest and responsible employees.
Husband is aware of all communications. Experience in a country house, maintaining the garden, chores, repairs, knowledge of engineering systems and electricians. modern technology.
I agree h
Address: Khmelnitsky
tel. +38 067 855 69 60

№11882 / 18.01.2016 / Odessa Complain of the announcement

tel. (048) 7830591

№10397 / 3.01.2016 / Kyiv Complain of the announcement
Demolition work in the premises (walls, ceilings, screed, tiles, Windows, doors. and t. d. A ) cleaning and packing garbage into bags removal and disposal. And repair of the premises and delivery of construction materials.
not expensive! fast! high quality!)

Address: Kiev
tel. (380)93-896-09-85

№10344 / 7.12.2015 / Sumy Complain of the announcement
the competition for those wishing to become a surrogate mother or an egg donor.
up to 300 000 for surrogate mothers for the birth and additionally 4000міс. carrying
tel. (095) 423 16 69

№11285 / 1.12.2015 / Lviv Complain of the announcement
The company "No Problem" provides services for recruitment of domestic staff in Lviv and Lviv region (Housewives, babysitters, governesses, nurses, personal drivers, and so on. ) and conducts training courses for training specialists of home service.
Address: ul. Heroes of UPA, 71
tel. (032) 242-03-13 (068) 527-96-15 (097) 610-59-38

№10941 / 28.10.2015 / Kyiv Complain of the announcement
We provide electrician services.
we Perform all types of electrical work.
From installing outlets to complete replacement of the wiring.
the Installation of chandeliers, sconces, lamps.
replace the old tubes on the machines.
Call will answer all your questions.

Address: Kyiv
tel. 0973735968, 0662555737

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Newspaper & Board of announcements | Announcement -  Services (pg.1)  
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