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№10933 / 19.01.2016 / Cherkasy region Complain of the announcement
up to 300 000 for surrogate mothers for the birth and additionally 4000міс. carrying
tel. 0954231669 0971398486

№11867 / 16.12.2015 / Kyiv Complain of the announcement

tel. (044) 483-05-61

№10286 / 13.02.2015 / the Rivnenska area Complain of the announcement
Christus the services of a designer Wesley socony, which nagast lessons in cut that shitty. the
Address: Misto Rune
tel. +380931195524

№9569 / 22.01.2015 / Russia Complain of the announcement
Apartments for rent in Dzerzhinsk: on all occasions!

whatever you need in our city, you can be assured that you will always stay comfortable! We offer you a cheap hostel in Dzerzhinsk or apartment from the owner, and we have housing that is ideal for different situations.

apartments for rent in Dzerzhinsk: the choice is yours

Turning to us, you will be able to choose apartments of different types. We offer:

• one housing is the most convenient option for those who want to rent an apartment and not preplate
Address: 606000
tel. +7910 8711115

№9142 / 25.12.2014 / Russia Complain of the announcement
Dentistry metro pioneer SPb inexpensive. Qualified dental Studio dent will help You in all major areas of dentistry in St. Petersburg. Dentistry Primorsky district Studio dent is a dental clinic SPb with effective and painless methods of dental treatment. the
Address: Bogatyrsky prospect, 57, building 1
tel. +7 (812) 342-37-83

№8769 / 23.12.2014 / Odessa Complain of the announcement
Sweet, gentle, affectionate, loving mutual affection, invites me to visit!I will help you relax and to receive pleasure (096)5179263

Address: Odessa
tel. +380965179263

№9464 / 28.11.2014 / Russia Complain of the announcement
auto LARGUS all-metal van, the type of heel
capacity up to 800 kg. The possibility of transportation distantly
measure up to 4 meters and weighing up to 80 kg and one passenger in
mode cargo taxi on the taximeter, you pay for
real time. (minimal=feed the machine 300 rubles. 1 hour
operation 420 RUB. in summary:720 rubles, then the taximeter 7 RUB.
min. Without overpayment for full, last hour). T. 89686661943
Address: pooled str. D. 4
tel. +7(963) 615-55-88

№9521 / 20.11.2014 / Russia Complain of the announcement
The cleaning company "Clean City" offers You the services janitorial.
We offer:
- One-time cleaning of the apartment/cottage!
- Supports cleaning of the apartment/cottage!
- General cleaning cleaning the apartment/cottage!
- Cleaning of apartments/houses after construction and repair!

Why the cleaning company "Clean City"?
- Quality! The work We perform for You will be performed at the highest level! We always consider the wishes and instructions of the customer!
- Fast! You need to perform cleaning of the cottage or quart
Address: 141070, Russia, ul. Kalinina str. 6A
tel. +74957690677

№7826 / 15.11.2014 / Lviv Complain of the announcement
Christus the services on vigolo dogs. Man without Scalia Svitok. Winna spikelets s carinou. the
Address: Lviv, vul. Naukova
tel. (067)14-15-045

№9564 / 15.11.2014 / Russia Complain of the announcement
Polishing marble, polished marble, crystallization of marble.
granite Polishing, granite polishing, granite crystallization.
the restoration of the joints.
Restoring, polishing breccia.
"Treatment" chips, cracks, cavities, repair and polishing steps, risers.
Restoration and polishing, countertops, kaloshkin, window sills, tables, bar counters and tables.
Polishing the ends of the risers, chamfers.

location: Moscow
tel. +7905 5385483

№9143 / 23.10.2014 / Russia Complain of the announcement
Manipulator rent price of Sestroretsk. Our company offers services autogidromanipuliator for transportation: building materials, containers, industrial equipment and oversized cargo, yachts. Call and order manipulators in rent at the best price! the
Address: Cuban street A
tel. +7 (812) 647-00-78

№9300 / 4.10.2014 / Russia Complain of the announcement
REPAIR of APARTMENTS IN MOSCOW AND MOSCOW REGION Hello, welcome to our company Edgar.

If you dream of repair, but for some reason it constantly postponed, we are ready to help you. The main problem of modern man is the time factor. We are always short of time, everywhere we are everywhere no time. The work and life take away most of the time, there can be no repair becomes.

But there is a solution. Our company has long been positioning their services on the Russian market and repairs in Moscow & Mos
Address: 143981
tel. +7929 5080081

№9301 / 4.10.2014 / Russia Complain of the announcement
Movers in the train
Address: 143981
tel. +7929 5080081

№9629 / 3.10.2014 / Russia Complain of the announcement
Rental of special equipment Special equipment: rental rates


Bulldozer H. T. C T T bucket 3. 20 weight 17 tons 8 hours
11 000 RUB.
JCB backhoe loader 8 hours
12 000 RUB.
trash Removal Gazelle
from 4000 rubles.
crane boom length 18 m lifting capacity of 16 tons
min change from 4000 to 12000 RUB.

Address: 143981
tel. +7929 5080081

№7630 / 2.10.2014 / Russia Complain of the announcement
Asphalt pavement Peter. We will quickly and efficiently perform work on road repair and asphalting huge and small areas of kindergartens, sidewalks, garages, playgrounds, sidewalks, garages, etc. D. Saint-Petersburg and the region. Our company works under the key, reasonable prices. Advice and specialist on the object for free! the
Address: Renaissance str, 31, lit. But, ind. 19
tel. 8(812) 337-3-338

№7538 / 23.09.2014 / Russia Complain of the announcement
Fabrication and installation of steel structures in the Kaluga region. Fences made of steel sheet, fence railings, gates, garage doors, gate, garden, car sheds, greenhouses, window grills. Work experience more than five years. To each client an individual approach,
Price: negotiable

Address: 249096
tel. +79105242871

№9148 / 4.09.2014 / Russia Complain of the announcement
Disinfection of houses cost St. Petersburg. We are a team of professionals for disinfection, disinsection and deratisation of premises, apartments, offices, basements cheaply and quickly! the
Address: str. Orbeli, house 8
tel. +7 (812) 931-23-90

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Newspaper & Board of announcements | Announcement -  Services (pg.1)  
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