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Newspaper & Board of announcements | Announcement -  Fantastic announcements (pg.1) Main page / / Announcement / / Section: Fantastic announcements

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Announcement   Fantastic announcements

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№10485 / 29.07.2015 / Kyiv Complain of the announcement
A unique drug for weight loss Lida created completely from plant extracts to reduce body fat, is absolutely not toxic and has no side effects, has a rapid manifestation of results.
Address: bul. Lesi Ukrainki 20
tel. +38 (099) 404-86-63

№10322 / 18.04.2015 / Lviv Complain of the announcement
Embroidered shirts - stickers
I Wish original, beautiful and Patriotic car? Embroidery on auto is the best solution!
Dress up a car in embroidery. Be a real Ukrainian!
100cm x 30cm = 80 UAH
100cm x 20cm = 70 UAH
100cm x 10cm = 60 UAH
Address: Lazarenko 42
tel. +380979046043

№10281 / 1.04.2015 / Sokalskiy district Complain of the announcement
Kittens for sale boys, Scottish fold. From radoslovich parents. Color ash gray on gold(tiger type). Age 2 months. Vaccinations are made, documents are provided. the
Address: Sokal
tel. +380683392624

№9689 / 13.02.2015 / Lviv Complain of the announcement
Online store Vitality offers womens dress small and large wholesale. Youth, classic. Pictures of nedorogie from the manufacturer. Prepare a large raspadura March 8. Work on the system dropshipping
Address: zakaz@vitality-opt. com. ua
tel. 095-763-84-41

№10239 / 11.02.2015 / Kyiv Complain of the announcement
Cossack Mardi Gras in Mamayeva Sloboda!
the Main slogan of the event: "Ukrainian vareniki against Russian "pancakes"!
On the occasion of the celebration of the Ukrainian dumpling with cottage cheese as the main dish at the carnival on both banks of the Dnieper, hostesses "Mamayeva Sloboda" will be sculptured over 20,000 dumplings with salty or sweet cheese!
At a suburban fairground has traditionally held a team competition for fastest eating of Ukrainian dumplings with cottage cheese and Russian "pancakes".
the event will Start as 21 and 22 February 2015 at 12.00.

Address: km. Kyiv, vul. Michael Donets, 2
tel. +380 990911279

№11378 / 8.02.2015 / Sumy Complain of the announcement
Buy gold coins of the reign of Nicholas II. 5, 10, bublu. the
Address: ttleos@ukr. net
tel. 067-270-23-72

№10716 / 28.01.2015 / Lviv Complain of the announcement
"Wine is a product of the region" — said Lev Golitsyn, Prince, scholar, public figure, famous viticulturist and winemaker. And not only. This is the calling card of our region.

so, basically:) - wine varieties Isabella Bath, dry table, manufactured in. Carpathians, Mukachevo district. Summer endurance. Costs 1. 5 l. - 40 UAH. Previously can offer a tasting!) or New Mail delivery
Address: Lviv
tel. 0630621816

№9031 / 26.01.2015 / Kyiv Complain of the announcement
Satin bedding is a great purchase for your comfort and design a bedroom. Bed linen sewn from natural material - Atlas. Satin fabric refers to expensive fabrics for bedding. Satin fabric with a rich, shiny with a smooth surface. A rich appearance and classic colors will surely appeal to fans of fine linen. Linen dress has a high hygienic indicators, does not irritate the skin, durable, easily absorbs moisture, Cheaper than silk, but as
Address: str. Vasilkovsky
tel. +380972739541,+380636127610

№9010 / 16.01.2015 / Lviv Complain of the announcement
The system of "Smart House" - the house of comfort, safety and reliable protection.
Design and installation of networks: electrical, computer, security, video and media network. The system of "Smart House" saving light up to 30% and heat to 50% and have:
•Security: (Control leakage of water, gas, Level)
•Security: (the presence Control, CCTV, Alarm)
Comfort: (Control of lighting, Climate, Sockets, Shutters, Multimedia)
the House You manage on your own iPhone, iPad, iPod and PC. Control of the house through a network of inter
Address: str. Lobachevsky 4A
tel. (032) 295-65-65; (067) 295-65-65

№11070 / 10.01.2015 / Zakarpatja region Complain of the announcement
-Ariel Actilift Color 4, 9 l. - 70 washings
-Ariel lenor 7 Technologies in 1 wash 4, 9L. - 70 washings
-Ariel Actilifit Universal 4, 9 l. -70 washings
-Ariel color
tel. 0662041141

№11207 / 8.12.2014 / Lviv Complain of the announcement
Special heat resistant insole of warm fibers-wool, pineoblastoma material and teplosberegajushhie foil, top stitched elegant, nappy Kashmir. Effectively protect the feet from the cold, keep deplanate shoes.

Address: Lviv
tel. 0666917437

№8498 / 8.12.2014 / the Rivnenska area Complain of the announcement
The packaging and sale of bulk food products under its own brand "MIRACLE FIELD"
Our range:
- Grains in the range
tel. +380673379856

№11622 / 20.11.2014 / Lviv Complain of the announcement
Доброго Дня.
Мене звати Оксана.
Я представник Німецької фірми НЕМСТОК.
Ми пропонуєм одяг ТСМ Thcibo Лотом 20-40кг за ціною 9. 5є
Та носок білизну колготку NUR DIA Міксованим пакуванням.
Домоводство15-20кг ціною 5. 95є
Гарного Вам дня.

Адреса: Львів
tel. 0672834085

№7602 / 28.08.2014 / Winnitca region Complain of the announcement
material :iskusstvennogo suede good condition, with a strap at the ankle (can be removed), open-toe
heel height: 13, 5 cm. .. wore 2 times)
Address: 13 Lenna
tel. 0937962605

№10915 / 24.08.2014 / Kyiv Complain of the announcement
Everyone has their own agenda when you call a guy for the night. Some want very cheerfully to spend time, Others feel welcome, Third want diversity. This is not to say. But many girls bought myself a boyfriend for the night for sex or for any other purposes. the
Address: Kiev
tel. 0638891990

№7742 / 13.08.2014 / Sokalskiy district Complain of the announcement
Offer fabrication services funeral wreaths, baskets, arrangements. Over wreaths are experienced florists. Delivery in Kiev, Ukraine, the world. the
Address: 03040, g. Kyiv, Ave. 40 years of October, 70
tel. (050) 476 - 66 - 60

№8419 / 9.08.2014 / Kyiv Complain of the announcement
Here You will be able to buy second-hand sorted: men's and women's clothing, children's clothing, shoes.
Also there is always the opportunity to buy unsorted original second-hand from England and other European countries
- assorted 4-5 euros
- not sorted 1-3 euros
Address: Rbk_igor@mail. EN
tel. +380637953014

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Newspaper & Board of announcements | Announcement -  Fantastic announcements (pg.1)  
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