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№10726 / 29.07.2015 / Dnepropetrovsk region Complain of the announcement
Dnepropetrovsk taroms'ke, center, detached house of 90 sq. m, all amenities, garage, summer kitchen, cellar, barn, plot 7. 2 acres, near school, railway station, market, bus, price negotiable

Address: Dnepropetrovsk
tel. 0509337892

№11756 / 28.04.2015 / Sokalskiy district Complain of the announcement
Продається земельна ділянка в с. Орів Львівська обл. площею 80 сотих в Карпатах. Розташована на горі. 15 км до Трускавця. Ідеальне місце для розвитку туристично-відпочинкового комплексу. 720 м. над рівнем моря. Можливість влаштування та побудови котеджів. Поблизу хвойний та мішаний ліс. На ділянці , електроенергія , невеличкий будинок на дві кімнати з верандою та кухнею. Всі документи на право власності. тел. 067 368 62 23 Юра с. Орів , Сколівського р-ну Львівської обл. ~ , tel. 067 368 62 23 , ivankiv@i. ua
Адреса: вул. Шевченка 21
tel. 0673686223

№11143 / 28.04.2015 / Zhovkivskiy district Complain of the announcement
Rent a cafe or a store room all utilities Parking condena on the street. To. The path from the owner
Address: Borispol
tel. 0664507605

№10177 / 24.04.2015 / Cherkasy region Complain of the announcement
Sold part of the house, private courtyard, 2 bathrooms, all amenities, gas heating. Total area 64 m2, plot sotok. The Bourgeois district (near the station of blood transfusion). 22000. and. . Possible bargain.

Address: Matrosova
tel. (063) 010-74-39

№10244 / 21.04.2015 / Kirovograd region Complain of the announcement
House, total area 30 sq. m. two rooms - 24 kV. m. the corridor (kitchen). New boiler, renovated, counters. Go and live. Near Park, shops are 100 metres away. The total area of the plot 8 hundred. the
Address: km. Kirovograd, lane G. Artemovskiy
tel. +380501982210

№10909 / 11.04.2015 / Chernigov region Complain of the announcement
selling a house in the picturesque village of Perevolochna on the Bank of the Udai. The house has gas, water, near the house - outbuildings, 2 privatized land plots
Address: Priluky R-n, with. Perevolochna
tel. 0638562001

№10473 / 27.03.2015 / Kharkov Complain of the announcement
Sell my house in with. Hungry, with households. buildings, gas, water, near the river, the garden of 40 SOT. and prosperous farm. 10000 $. Tel. 050-842-04-72, 097-922-56-33, 063-163-36-58
Address: with. Hungry Buchach district
tel. 050-842-04-72

№10316 / 18.03.2015 / Cherkasy region Complain of the announcement
Offer a nice house with all amenities in grams. Shpola. Nice and peaceful area, the highest point of the city, good infrastructure, excellent and no cover, geogr. centre of Ukraine, near the lake and forest, a supermarket and a fitness club and would. Dr.. . The price for the Domov. Svetlana. the
Address: km. Shpola
tel. +380975491129

№10262 / 12.03.2015 / Lviv Complain of the announcement
will exchange for a house near Lviv or selling a house in the Maidan Ukraine pH house is located in a picturesque area in the Carpathians land 05 hectares distance from Truskavets resort is 30 km from Skhidnytsya village 10 km
Address: Maidan Ukraine pH
tel. +380639652203

№10325 / 5.03.2015 / the Rivnenska area Complain of the announcement
I will take for rent the house, consider all the options !!! the
Address: village Rakitnoe
tel. +380979390309

№10241 / 24.02.2015 / the Volinska area Complain of the announcement
I will urgently sell the house in a coastal area with a total area of 90 sq. m and ze individual phase 0. 20 ha. Near the house there are outbuildings:summer kitchen, a barn, a barn. Phone for information 380336596755 Yablonsky Olga. the
Address: Kivertsi Raion, with. The lake, vul. Pioneer 27
tel. +380336596755

№10398 / 24.02.2015 / Russia Complain of the announcement
In an inhabited village of Kyiv (45 km. from Moscow), on the territory of "New Moscow", in walking distance from the station Bekasovo, land for sale 32 SOT ., (IH).
On the property: 2 cottages (one heated - gas boiler), gazebo, utility. block, well. The plot is flat with forest trees, is fenced, has its output into the woods to the lake.
Staircase year-round. Neighbors live permanently. the
Address: POS. Kiev
tel. +7(926)9584172

№10305 / 23.02.2015 / Lviv Complain of the announcement
Sell medical cabin (Wellness sleep on bee hives) size 270*230*330 from conifer wood(spruce, pine, fir) for 2 sunbeds. Inside 9 hives to 17 frames. Delivery installation area. The price of the manufacturer. Possible bargain! the
Address: Komarno, Lviv region
tel. +380967847035

№10388 / 21.02.2015 / Russia Complain of the announcement
In the rural village of Green Grove for sale new 2-storey cottage for finishing.
• monolithic Foundation.
• Basement with additional. entrance ( ceiling - 2, 7 m, material - W/bn, slab - reinforced concrete plate)
• 1-St and 2-nd floor (potolki - 3, 5 and 3 m, karamalak, overlap W/W), box - 3-chamber double-glazed Windows.
• attic
• the roof of the soft tile with a drain.
• fully finished facade
Communication with Central
plot: 12 hundred. with forest trees, fenced
Address: Sivkovo
tel. +7(903)7258895

№10221 / 16.02.2015 / Zhovkivskiy district Complain of the announcement
Sales of standard designs of cottages: single-family houses semi-detached houses, townhouses, projects, garages, projects, mini-hotels, cafes and restaurants. In the sentence "international Architectural Workshop" you can see over 800 different wooden, frame and stone projects mansions. Projects of houses made of concrete blocks, bricks.
the Company designs one-storey house with attic, two-storey house. LLC "international Architectural Workshop" Russia: 7 925 353 13 34: 38 067 711 17 20 Belarus 375 29
Address: vul. Volodymyrska, 54
tel. +38 067 711 17 20

№10196 / 12.02.2015 / Lviv Complain of the announcement

16 km from g. Lviv. Plot 7 acres, near the forest. There is a small lake 15 metres from the house. House cottage CHM, of white brick, 2 floors, balcony, decorated inside with paneling, parquet. There is a stove for firewood. In the yard there is a well, a barn.

Address: Lviv, Lviv oblast, Horodok district with. Big Kalinka vul. Michurina
tel. (098)330-89-98

№10708 / 11.02.2015 / Lviv Complain of the announcement
selling a house freestanding all communication, needs repair, and landscaping around the house the price is negotiable urgently
Address: dubnyk
tel. 0630263155

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Newspaper & Board of announcements | Announcement -  Houses (pg.1)  
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