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№11288 / 22.03.2016 / Ternopil Complain of the announcement
Твердопаливні котли - стальні котли для спалювання дров, пелети, вугілля, соломи, щепи, брикетів. Ht-heiztechnik - виготовлення котлів, замовлення котлів, купити котел, доставка котлів, встановлення котлів.
Адреса: Тернопіль
tel. (0352) 43-44-04

№10297 / 23.10.2015 / Lviv Complain of the announcement
The company PortaNova offers:
Sliding doors, sliding systems, sliding systems, interior doors, door without trim, interior walls, hidden doors, invisible.
Address: Ul. Shevchenko 87
tel. (067) 370 89 98 ; (066) 920 92 48

№10162 / 14.04.2015 / Zhovkivskiy district Complain of the announcement
The company is in the Ukraine, a line of products under the brand name "Elim Ukraine":
voltage stabilizers
tel. (044) 454-06-33

№10666 / 23.03.2015 / Kyiv Complain of the announcement
The valve UV BB (UF)

safety Valve brass automatic is suitable for automatic release of the working environment in excess of the pressure in the boilers type E. PN16, t=225°C water, steam, gas
tel. 063 949 61 77

№10920 / 23.03.2015 / Kyiv Complain of the announcement
The GRUNER actuators - an indispensable thing for air dampers. The actuator regulates the mechanisms of opening of the air valves in ventilation ducts. In addition, it is not limited only to work with the air valves, but also widely used in control valves in water supply systems. Due to the small dimensions and compact design of the actuator GRUNER, it can be easily installed in a limited installation space. Here You can find a wide range of the actuator GRUNER. the
Address: Vasylkivska 49
tel. 0639496177

№10921 / 23.03.2015 / Zhovkivskiy district Complain of the announcement
Burner GPB-1
tel. 0639496177

№10330 / 8.03.2015 / Lviv Complain of the announcement
Massager SCAC
SCEC is designed to heal the body and prevent various diseases, indispensable in cosmetology. Improving circulation and metabolism. SCAC activate cells, promote the vitality of the body, purifies the blood, reduces its viscosity. Thanks to the use of SCEC you can get rid of old diseases and protect yourself from new. SCAC - your family doctor.
Hemorrhoids, constipation, insomnia, obesity, lower back pain and in the legs, pain in shoulders and back, chronic gastritis, hypertension, coronary heart disease (angina),
Address: LeChuck
tel. +380990929382

№11231 / 11.02.2015 / Poltava region Complain of the announcement
The rocks of the electric motor macnasty 4 kilowat 1500 rpm. The condition is excellent passport is present. the
Address: Poltava
tel. 0668023792

№10535 / 8.02.2015 / Ivano-Francivsk region Complain of the announcement
The electric motor with pulley and mounting, струм220v, 1350 rpm. Znagm
Address: city court
tel. 0507131026

№10370 / 28.01.2015 / Russia Complain of the announcement
Produce chargers for cordless phones, devices, batteries, lamps, household chargers charger with synchronous feeding device from the power source and batteries. Memory control status of battery charging and maintaining charged batteries. Without removing the batteries! With the limitation or stabilization of the current and/or voltage. Charger with full or partial control of the charging process until the microprocessor memory. Manufacture of power supplies, transformers, inductors. LLC "sander electronics.

Address: ul. 1-I milling, etc. 2/1
tel. +7(495)9712803

№8928 / 20.12.2014 / Zhovkivskiy district Complain of the announcement
The company "Stop counter" wants to offer to your attention fixtures help to save significantly your financial costs associated with energy consumption. Pribluda effect on device metering (meter), which in turn stops and ceases to consider kilowatts. The device works without the magnetic field, which gives the opportunity to use it on counters with magnetic seal, with protection from radio frequency magnetic fields, fully electronic, many tariff and t. D. the
Address: Kiev
tel. +380980518028

№8136 / 15.12.2014 / Chernivtsi region Complain of the announcement
High-quality, powerful, strong, convenient, reliable and just a unique tool for cutting and simultaneously sealing the edges/corners of synthetic fabrics(in particular, used in the manufacture of patterns for embroidery, curtains, curtains, flags, flags, pennants, scarves, ropes, belts, straps, and is also used in the processing of foam plastic, foam rubber. the
Address: 59400, Chernivtsi oblast, g. Zastavna, str. Bazhanskogo, 62
tel. +38 03737 319-93 Моб.: +38 (066)6621340, +38 (067)

№10953 / 4.12.2014 / the Volinska area Complain of the announcement
The compressor ua, fully loaded.
please Call, price negotiable
Address: Kovel
tel. 066 609 1526

№8760 / 20.11.2014 / Lviv Complain of the announcement
The disk diameter 10” - 23”
the diameter of the disk clamping from inside 12” - 23”
the diameter of the disk clamping from outside 10” - 20”
Maximum wheel diameter 960 mm
Maximum wheel width 3"-15"
Working pressure 8-10 Bar
the Power of the motor, 380V 0, 75 kW
the Power of the motor, 220V 0, 75 kW
the Force of the cylinder portatile 2500 kg
Weight 190 kg
packing Size HH mm

Address: the green, W
tel. +380963755755

№10546 / 19.11.2014 / Kharkov Complain of the announcement
System nebulizer compressor converts liquid medicine into a mist, so it is easily and more effectively inhaled through a mask or mouthpiece.
the Spray gun and the compressor is designed in such a way that the aerosol quickly and accurately deliver liquid drugs deep into the lungs of the patient.

Address: Kharkiv
tel. 0507359859

№9179 / 7.11.2014 / Russia Complain of the announcement
Diesel generators with conservation is cheaper than new! the
Address: 150044, g. Yaroslavl, ul. Industrial D. 1, p. 3, office 404
tel. +7 485233-41-81

№10497 / 4.11.2014 / Poltava region Complain of the announcement
Will sell the machine for cold forging, the Polish manufacturer. Despite its small size, a machine for cold forging can compete with larger and more expensive machines. Machine for rolling steel profiles for twisting rectangular sections along the axis, a flexible helical elements C and S, and balcony balusters. Weight 220 kg. Height 1200 mm, width 590/2000 mm, depth: 590 mm. Delivery is possible. the
Address: Pushkina, 18 ofis
tel. 0506446840

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